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Update on The Ocean Race: 11th Hour Racing the First To Arrive in Newport, RI

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The Ocean Race is one of the most exciting and challenging events in the sailing world, and the latest edition has not disappointed. After months of intense competition, the race has arrived in Newport, Rhode Island, with 11th Hour Racing leading the fleet.

The Ocean Race is a round-the-world sailing race that takes place every three years. It was first held in 1973 and has since become a showcase for the latest in sailing technology and innovation. The 2022-23 edition of the race features ten teams from around the world competing over nine legs, covering a distance of over 38,000 nautical miles.

The Newport stopover is a particularly important one for the sailors, as it marks the halfway point in the race. The teams have been sailing for weeks, battling rough seas, high winds, and extreme temperatures. Newport provides a welcome respite from the grueling conditions and a chance for the sailors to rest and regroup before the next leg of the race.

11th Hour Racing, led by skipper Charlie Enright, has been one of the standout teams of the race so far. They have consistently been in the top three in each leg and currently hold a narrow lead over their closest competitors, Team Malizia.

McCurdy Sailing was proud to be there Welcoming the team into port as they celebrated! Congratulations!


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