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Sailing in Newport ,RI - McCurdy Sailing will Make a Guest Appearance on the Upcoming "Best Bite in Town"

Updated: Apr 25

Today was another adventure for McCurdy Sailing, a renowned sailing charter company in Newport, RI, as Hurrah made a guest appearance on the Food Network's upcoming episode of "The Best Bite in Town."

Best Bite in Town Videographer shooting in Newport, RI

Guy Fieri and "The Best Bite in Town" Now, let's introduce the man who needs no introduction: Guy Fieri, the fiery host of "The Best Bite in Town" on the Food Network. Known for his distinctive style and boundless enthusiasm for food, Guy has embarked on a new adventure where Guy will appoint some of his chef friends to hit the road to visit different cities each week, competing to find the very best bite in town, this time in Newport, Rhode Island Sailing to Culinary Glory In a surprise twist, the winner (and even the losers) of the episode found themselves aboard 'Hurrah.' The competitors may have left their culinary battleground behind, but they were about to face a different kind of challenge on the open sea.

Under Captain David McCurdy's expert guidance, the contestants learned the ropes (literally) of sailing and worked as a team to navigate the waves. This unexpected adventure added a dash of adrenaline to the culinary competition, pushing the contestants to not only savor the best bites in town but also to create a memorable experience in beautiful Newport Harbor.

Video Crew in Newport RI

A Memorable Episode Awaits While we won't spill all the beans (or in this case, spices) about who won "The Best Bite in Town," we can guarantee that this upcoming episode will be one for the books. It's not every day that you see contestants trade their aprons for life vests and embark on a nautical adventure. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a sailing aficionado, or simply someone seeking a unique television experience, this episode is bound to leave you craving both adventure and great food. Ahoy to that!


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